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Fellow Environmental Partners names Civitas Resources “Environmentalist of the Year”

Updated: Apr 21, 2022

Tulsa, Oklahoma – Fellow Environmental Partners

(FEP), a nonprofit focused on research and reclamation of orphaned oil & gas wells, today recognized Civitas Resources as Fellow’s 2022 Environmentalist of the Year for the company’s commitment to voluntarily plug orphaned wells throughout the state of Colorado. The award was created to recognize outstanding companies, organizations or individuals doing a commendable job addressing the global challenge of orphaned oil and gas wells.

Brian Cain (left) receives Environmentalist of the Year award on behalf of Civitas Resources, presented by Michael Vieau (right) of the nonprofit Fellow Environmental Partners. 04/21/22

Last January, Civitas committed to plug 42 oil and gas wells that were orphaned by previous operators in and around Adams, Arapahoe, Elbert, Larimer, and Weld counties of Colorado, an effort in line with the nonprofit’s mission of leveraging oil and gas knowledge to assist with environmental cleanup for future generations. Orphaned wells are often of older vintage and left in poor condition, and can emit greenhouse gases such as methane and carbon dioxide, which amplify the effects of climate change. The state of Colorado would have been responsible for plugging these abandoned wells without Civitas’ commitment.

“We are excited to award Civitas with our first Environmentalist of the Year award. Our nonprofit is committed to recognizing those in the oil and gas space doing their part to ensure a clean and healthy environment for future generations. We believe it is important that operators like Civitas leverage their expertise and resources to address the unfortunate legacy of orphaned wells and we call on other operators to follow this example in charitable cleanup efforts.” Staci Taruscio, Co-Founder + Board Chairman, Fellow Environmental Partners

“We are proud to be recognized for our recent commitment to voluntarily plug orphaned wells within our operating areas on the Front Range of Colorado,” said Brian Cain, Chief Sustainability Officer at Civitas Resources. “We believe this is a significant commitment because it covers all orphaned wells known to the COGCC as of January 1 throughout the Front Range – where most of the Colorado’s population is located. We encourage our peers in the oil and gas industry to make similar commitments to voluntarily plug orphaned wells located near their current or legacy operations to ease this burden on taxpayers and demonstrate our desire as an industry to leave our areas of operation in better shape than we found them.” Civitas Resources, Inc

Civitas Resources is joined